General Opportunities

Companies relocate to this area both from within the UK and overseas, often attracted by a growing economy, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and excellent R&D facilities and expertise, linked to world-leading colleges and universities.

Key Facts


  • 79.6% of the working age population (aged 16-64) are economically active (78% UK average);
  • 12.3% skilled trades occupations v. 10.4% UK average
  • 5.8% process, plant, and machinery occupations (6.3% UK)
  • 3.9% unemployment rate (4.6% UK average)
  • 149,300 in professional occupations (18% of all jobs, v. 20.2% UK average)
  • 99,700 managers, directors, and senior officials (12% of all jobs, v. 10.8% UK average)
  • Higher % of skilled trades people than the UK as a whole
  • Labour costs below average – : £12.33 per hour v. UK £14 per hour workplace pay.

Success Stories

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Plymouth Marine Laboratory
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Rigid Containers Limited
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Effect Photonics BV
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