Marine Industries

The Heart of the South West has been at the forefront of innovative industry-leading marine R&D for many years, with 230 miles of spectacular coastline, 6 ports and many successful supply chain companies; business investment opportunities in this sector are plentiful.

Marine Industries contribute £410m (GVA) to local economy, creating over 7,500 jobs, representing 1/5th of UK marine sector. The Heart of the South West is home to some of the UK’s most successful and pioneering marine businesses and research institutions, including Babcock Marine, Centek, J&S Marine, Plymouth Marine Institute, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Princess Yachts, Teignbridge Propellers, Supercat, Thales and Valeport.

Particular areas of expertise include composite manufacturing, remote and autonomous vessels, navigation and marine instruments, science and technology, marine energy research, with Heart of the South West companies at the forefront of luxury yacht, military, RNLI and work boat design. Marine leisure and fishing industries continue to prosper along the Bristol and English Channel coasts, with Brixham historic Brixham Fish Market providing the largest catch in England by volume and value.

Devonport Dockyard in Plymouth is the largest naval base in Western Europe including nuclear capabilities with highly-developed supply chains and neighbouring South Yard deep docks and development site which will offer a unique complex of industrial buildings and docks with deep water access, including 18.29 acres (7.4 hectares) of development land.

Cornwall and North Devon offshore wind and tidal resources up to 9.2 GW of energy. 2012/13 saw a 25% increase in renewable energy projects in the Heart of the South West. The North Devon Tidal Zone will be located in the Bristol Channel, which has some of the world’s highest tidal ranges at 14 m, and high tidal stream rates.

Plymouth and Exeter Universities lead technology and innovation around marine renewables and autonomous vehicles. As the UK’s 1st marine energy park, established in 2012, the South West Marine Energy Park supports technology development and commercialisation of the industry, creating business opportunities for ground-breaking organisations.


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